fish still alive

It will take you through the steps to keeping your fish safe throught the cycling process. I’ve heard the API ammonia test is not always reliable. On a weird note: I have 3 Fluval 5G tanks for fry, shrimp, sick /quarantine use. I am so grateful to have stumbled on your website. I have seen plenty of tanks with them mixed and no issues. Firstly, it amazes me you were able to keep 5 gold fish in a 10 gallon tank for so long. What if none of the forementioned apply? In mysterious cases like this, I first recommend showing an expert, say your local independent fish store, your tank set up and discussing it with them. Unfortunately, you have not given me enough direction to identify why your fish are dying. Dear sir I am from Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh, India and I am working on some of the hill stream fish in captivity, so as I am new to it the fish are acclimatize ,and maintained but as the winter season came the fish started dieing and my observation on special fish Botia rostrata found to be dying out due to diseases so how to maintain them. Ok sir, i will provide new home for them soon. You also don’t mention your ammonia results. Or add de-ammonia solution, or both? On the sickness front, it is possible, but for a mass wipe-out like this, there would generally be symptoms of something being amiss. I am doing water changing 25% everyday . The tank has been set up for about 9 months and I do regular water changes, The ammonia is 0, the nitrite is 0, nitrate is 5ppm, ph is 7.4-7.6, temp is 78deg, everything looks good but not sure why these guys are dying. BTW, I’m new at this, but spent months reading, talking to fish store staff (not petco or PetSmart, real fish store people) and watching YT videos from people that do know what they’re talking about, so I felt I was going in the right direction, now I’m not feeling so confident. i ended up washing everything out and set it up yet again. Truly their tale must be the worst for fish- won as a prize in a festival game. I then tested the water every day until the nitrite and nitrate began to register. I’m very interested in your thoughts and comments. I’ll be honest – in my 30 years of fishkeeping, most instances of fish dying can be put down to the owner making a mistake or just not knowing any better. I have guppies 2 goldfish 2angels 4 fantails,2 mollies I lost all my fantailes 1goldfish 1guppie and both mollies,what is the reason for them dying,I did a water change and then the last mollie died, My Molly died 2 hrs before and because I used to chase fishes in the pot ,often remove them from water and putting them back afterwards .I had 2 fishes including tiger Barb and the actual reason why it died is because I hold its tail and removed from water and then it jumped and fell on floor and it happened 2 times and I know it was painful for fish to get so much pain ,the floor was dry and it was too hard for it to get beat up from height and it died afterwards .I cried for an hour because it died because of me. It could be a disease, bullying or just the end of his natural life (not all fish live to a ripe old age, particularly those born with defects). People rely on it to regulate the climate and absorb all the CO2, and it is the source of protein for billions of people. The same thing happens when squids heads are cut off and the lower half of their body continues to crawl around. Couldn’t find anything, went to my local good aquarium store, they said ‘check your filter, even if you don’t think it’s possible’. What do I do now? Yet this fish keep dying. When you say you cycled the tank for a week, did you do it correctly using ammonia and test to ensure that ammonia and nitrite were at zero with elevated nitrates? But, I know for sure that I dont want my last one to go belly up. It’s just a matter of time. Hello i had 10 gal tank, I had 5 goldfish very healthy for over a year, decided to get the octagon 30 gal tank. We fed them only 950 gm. Admittedly, I should have waited longer for the tank to cycle and fishies 1&2 died. Once again you have the same problem where you have too many fish for the same size tanks. I do a lot of water changes (about 5 gallons every few days) because I’m terrified of leftover food in the tank. Earlier this week I started to break it down (it’s more fun putting them up than breaking them down) and saw a small fish swimming in the filter area which is separated from the main tank! All other tank members look great, are acting normally, and feeding well (I feed a pinch of fluval bug bites food once a day, and fed them some frozen brine shrimp instead more recently) and there is never any leftovers. I have also bought the ph reducer by imagitarium, and have tried to bring the ph down. Something about that tank killed them. Gravel vacuuming the sand directly will suck it up and into your bucket, because it’s so lightweight, so the chopstick on the end also gives the tube distance from the sand. Spontaneous as it was, I had no choice but to buy a tank same day I aquired the 5 fish and attempt to do fish in tank set up the next day (I wanted to give at least one day for the tank to run before putting them in). I did deep vacuum the substrate in a corner of the tank and found areas of black and white cloudy film which may support that theory. How does this bacteria die? I use “prime” for de-chlonition of water. Besides Coelacanths, the only extant sarcopterygians alive today are the lungfish of Africa, Australia, and South America. The reason I suggested speaking with local fish keepers is that they will use the same water source and products as you, which can further narrow down problems. I am encouraged by the recent success of the Indian project. Thanks as always for the updates Deborah! I’m fighting a mystery fish/shrimp killer in my 10 gallon tank. Hi, I read this blog when I had 6 new Ember Tetras yesterday for my 10 gallon, and acclimated them (after cycling the tank for 5 weeks) and I was sure I had done it wrong! Water Clearer would help but after we stopped using it, the foggy water would come back. W’ll keep you update Iftekhar. Pour a glass, add some dechlorinator and leave it to sit for and hour. In China, chefs have figured out a way to keep a fish alive as it gets deep fried and then waits to be eaten. I have a 78 gallon tank with a mix of koi, goldfish and one minnow. He’s small for his age but he’s still alive, although it hasn’t been long enough for me to feel comfortable that he’s going to make it. Hi theres something killing my fish but we carnt figure out why . No signs of illness, lethargy, or anything. They eat and always look happy, and we have gone through 100 fish since then! I use this one. I’m totally breaking the tank down, will sanitize with a bleach solution. I feel like I have tried to learn a lot about caring for these fish but I still feel helpless as they die off one by one. Hi, I have a 10 gallon tank, cycled it for 2 weeks. Grab a long object that is clean - a net would be perfect. Only 3 fish have survived , a neon, a tetra and a cat fish, we had 4 of each on lu one of each is still alive, every other fish we added (angel, more neons, plecos, crawfish, and some other misc community fish) all die within a week. You should be testing the water quality yourself with a test kit, to confirm what they are saying is correct. My question is do I need to restart or can I wait a certain amount of time before adding new fish? Thanks for all of that. A saltwater fish will die in a freshwater aquarium. Otherwise If you have a filter media (such as zeolite) or an additive that removes ammonia or nitrite, then this could be the reason no nitrite or nitrate has been detected. After reading this I can definitely see where I went wrong. I realize this is a learning experience as you go along, but that seems like basic tank management 101 and nobody passes along such relevant information – except you. The fish's body is cooked while its head is wrapped in a wet cloth to keep it breathing. Likewise, if you are performing a large water change in your aquarium, the temperature of the water being added should not be too different from that of your aquarium. This way the chopstick stirs up the sand and any poop and other stuff floats up towards the vac. Unfortunately, stress makes it difficult for a beginner to determine why their fish died. Another way is when replacing your filter or filter media. Aquaclear, or whoever makes the aquaclear filter and supplies that go with it. Only guess is stress from the chasing??? When you first set up a fish tank, it needs to be cycled. It goes from 0.25 to as high as 2ppm and everywhere in between. Then add the fish without the shells? The Swim Bladder is the organ responsible for keeping the fish balanced and upright. I’m at a loss about what happened. I always use a dechlorinator with each water change. What Is The Oldest Fish Alive? In fact, while your fish appears to be surviving, it may be stressed beyond belief. It’s possibly swim bladder disease then. On your pre-cycled gravel, was it purchased in a bag dry? Well, sometimes nitrate is 0, and sometimes ammonia is clearly 0. Ph leaver is good. While the poor fish were stressed out of their minds, we started having issues with cloudy water. Now I’m also seeing what seems to look like worms possibly in the tank. She recently had radiation for cancer and had to stick her hand in the aquarium. Thanks for your input, you saved the lives of many fish! First step is always to grab an aquarium test kit like this one – record your results. I recommend using an aquarium test kit over test strips, It’s not uncommon for test strips to incorrect results, especially those combo ones that test multiple parameters at once. You see, stress is not an instant killer. Even once your tank has cycled, there will be deaths. I performed a water change (40l) with mostly RO water, as the water we have is quite hard (off the scale on an api GH & KH test). When not being activated by the nervous system, neurons maintain their membrane potential by pumping out a balance of sodium and potassium ions (both needed to instigate neurons firing). Well, figures that I might as well post a status update here at the very least. Recently one of our customer in India started growing ornamental fish in his RAS system in commercial basis. Too many fish in your aquarium? Take betta fish for instance. Heres another similar video that shows a man putting salt on (clearly dead) frog legs, only for them to start twitching as if they were still alive. The next day when I came from school my fish and my sisters fish were both dead. My daughter talked me into a Betta 3 months ago.

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